Healthy Well Made Food Is Not a Luxury


Regular Hummus $5

Tzatziki $5

Burnt Eggplant $5

Trio of Spreads  (all three of the above spreads)  $15

Greek Salad $9

Fattoush Salad $9

Tabbouleh Salad $9

Add Protein to salads $5

shawarma (chicken, lamb, or beef),  saffron chicken, 3 fresh herb falafel

Octopus Salad $15

Pitas - $13

Pita sandwiches are all served with hand cut fries 

Chicken Shawarma

tzatziki, tomatoes, red onion in pita

Beef Shawarma

tzatziki, tomatoes, red onion in pita

Lamb Shawarma

burnt eggplant, tahini, mango chutney, tomato, red onion

Saffron Chicken

harissa, tahini, tomato, red onion

3 Fresh Herb Falafel

hummus, tahini, pickle, tomato, red onion

Lamb Burger $16

harissa, manchego cheese, red onion, tomato, lettuce

Plates - $16

All plates are served with hummus, quinoa tabbouleh, tahini, and pita

Chicken Shawarma


Beef Shawarma


Lamb Shawarma

burnt eggplant, mango chutney 

Saffron Chicken 


6 pcs. Fresh Herb Falafel

Mains - $20

Za'atar Roasted Half Chicken

harissa, basmati rice, tabbouleh salad, tahini

Adobo Fried Chicken

vegetable pancit (rice noodle)

Dessert - $7

Greek Yogurt Cheesecake